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spyderspace has been online for literally decades, from the beginnings of the consumer internet phenomenon. our history is one of developing an integtrated online presence for your business or organization. we help you develop strategies and the metrics by which their effectiveness, and your success, can be measured.


spyderspace has the ability to develop your smaller scale site, or to develop the outline from which you can tender proposals. we have a variety of domains available to give you demonstrations of the types of sites available to you, focused on your needs.

hosting and registration

spyderspace has experience with a variety of hosting and registration providers and can make recommendations based on your needs.

social media integration

spyderspace stays current with emerging social media to help you target your preferred audience. from twitter and facebook to tumblr and imgur, the social media landscape is always evolving. we can recommend which venues are appropriate for your target audience, and how to best target your message when you get there.

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we are an internet services company located in london, ontario canada. please contact us via the email form above including your phone number and geographical area and we will get back to you as soon as possible.